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Acoustic Enclosure

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Acoustic Enclosure

Aakar Power Systems Pvt. Ltd is the name that is listed on top among the reliable manufacturers and exporters of Acoustic Enclosures in India. Holding this position, we are acknowledged for our technical expertise to design a unique model of Acoustic Enclosures, which are worldwide famous for their various features that help to smoothen up its functioning in critical industrial applications.

Brand Name :
  • “Urja”

Equipped with :
  • Genset
  • Multi-fold sheet channels
  • ISMC sections
  • Fully bolted construction
  • Hinges & lockable handles
  • Battery
  • Fuel tank is housed outside the enclosure

Specifications :
  • Long service life
  • Thickness of Sheet - 16G/14G
  • High-class sheet metal fabricated enclosure
  • Used for reducing the noise level of DG set
  • Acts as a weather proof housing
  • Compressed Mineral fibber in the form of slabs
  • Thickness of slabs- 75-100 mm
  • Density-96 KG/Metric cube
  • Resin material coated with fiberglass tissue
    • Provided on exposed surface of Glass wool slabs
  • Panels that are supported by perforated sheets

Surface Treatment :
  • Weatherproof
  • Anti-corrosion treatment
  • Seven tanks process provided to the entire structure
  • Pure polyester powder coating

Ventilation :
  • No hot pockets around engine
  • Provided with suitable designed engine radiator
  • Additional axial flow fan
    • Does not allow the temperature to raise more than 5-7 C above ambient temperature
  • Engine gets combustion air & cooling air within 2 C of ambient temperature
    • Valid only on sizes above 200 KVA
  • Used to achieve optimal output & minimum sound level from the DG set
  • Suitable openings with acoustic hoods
  • Provide for increasing the inflow of air required for combustion & forced ventilation
  • Air intake & Exhaust fans or single unit velocity Axial flow fans
    • As per the recommendations
  • Fan blade size between 380 - 450 mm
    • i.e. 15" to 18" with speed of 900 - 2800 RPM
  • Acoustic hoods with noise splitters
  • Provided to
    • Reduce the sound leakage
  • Sound Control System
    • To suppress the sound level to 72 db maximum at 3 meters distance

Silencer :
  • Low noise silencer
  • Engine exhaust outlet
  • Connected with flexible SS bellow

Vibration Isolation :
  • To avoid transfer of vibration from gen sets
  • To enclosure & surrounding specially designed vibration isolators are used

Salient Features :
  • Modular construction container with the provision to assemble and dismantle easily
  • Container is fabricated with 16 SWG-CRCA-sheet
  • Sheet metal components are seven tanks pretreated
  • Powder coated (inside as well outside) for long life
  • Nuts, Bolts and Hardware are Zinc coated
  • Fuel tank provided with
    • Breather
    • Drain plugs for draining mobile oil & diesel
  • Fuel level is indicated with the help of fuel gauge meter
  • Fuel to be fitted from outside
    • Has locking arrangement like cars
  • Battery is accommodated in a tray
  • Doors gasket with quality EPDM gaskets to avoid leakage of sound
  • Soundproofing of enclosure is done with high quality rock wool
  • Confirming to IS 8183 to suitable thickness and density
  • Glass wool is further covered with
    • Fiberglass cloth
    • Perforated power coated sheets
  • Reactive type residential silencer is provided with in the DG to control exhaust noise
  • Attenuators are provided to control sound at air entry to the enclosure and exit from the enclosure
  • Vibration free system
  • Engine and alternator (single bearing) are mounted on specially designed anti-vibration pads
  • Easy access to serviceable parts

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